At Stone is nature's Signature

Acar Brothers Stone has been established in 2010 with the aim of exporting and importing of natural Stones. AB Stone usually imports granite stone from Far East and Europe countries. Besides this AB Stone collects marble, travertine and mosaic materials from internal market to export Arab ,Europe and American countries. AB Stone was working as home Office company from establishment until 2013 March. After 2013 March AB Stone moved to 12.000 m2 land as a granite and marble warehouse.

Granite Stone was entered to Turkish in 1990s and these days its one of most popular construction material for all buildings. Being very strong, long life time and many colour options are the features makes granite very popular construction material there days. AB Stone is not dealing with all granite colours. We mainly focused on black coloured materails because in Turkey supply of good quality black granite is not good. AB Stone is very good at for the supply of Star Galaxy and Premium Black which are being processed in Europian Standard factories.

As being AB Stones , to make a good name on this stone market and make our cusotmers happy, we are aiming to always supply good quality materials with competitive prices on time.